Sandra Golpe’s words in the directive of Antena 3 News after this blunder

Sandra Golpe had to apologize In the name of antenna 3 News for an obvious mistake. The presenter and director of the first edition of the news had to apologize directly after the news. was wrong when reporting deliberate fires and relocating several provinces of Castilla y León What bothers Spanish geography.

To be more precise, the presenter commented on how the fire affected Burgos, Zamora and Ávila and supplemented her message with a map shown on the big screen of the Atresmedia chain’s news set. While not initially aware of them, many Twitter users have noticed. tags Burgos and Zamora were not in the right province, but were exchanged.

Sandra Golpe and the controversial Antena 3 Noticias map. ATRESMEDYA TELEVISION

On the map we showed you earlier, the provinces were poorly placed, Burgos was where it was. Zamora and where is Zamora Burgos, so we apologize‘, said Golpe quite directly before moving on to the next topic.

This error occurred just before Sandra Golpe went on vacation after closing the new season, on Antena 3 Noticias 1, the leading desktop news show of five seasons with an average 21.5% screen share and best data in 15 courses after 2.4 million viewers. turned out to be good data.

ANDn June, Sandra Golpe met Average 2,242,000 viewers and 21.0% Compared to the data recorded in May, it registered a slight decrease.

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