He loses his eye after being attacked by bumper cars in Mallorca.

Fun in bumper cars ended tragically In Cala Millor. 49-year-old German tourist seriously injured after a dispute in an entertainment resort of the resort complex. p to the manthey will roll their eyes. Also it’s still ongoing danger of death.

The victim went to the so-called Happy Park in Cala Millor with his wife and eight-year-old youngest daughter. The girl was riding crushing cars. When you’re about to go downanother vehicle hit him hard and was about to drop him onto the tracks. Inside was another German tourist with her daughter.

Affected girl’s father confronted other parentr who hit him from behind. After a few minutes of tension, everything seemed to have calmed down. “The assailant hit him in the back and then hit him in the face with what looked like brass knuckles”, pointed to the victim’s eldest daughter. She later fled with her family.

first of all dad He went to the local police station in Sa Coma to report what had happened. there they told him go to hospital for medical care first and then come back with the medical part. Thus, the affected It was Manacor hospital. Given the severity of the injury Transferred to Son Espases.

German tourist had eye surgery. He was seriously injured and was told, would likely lose. to this reality added diabetes suffered by the patient. This, according to the eldest daughter, endangered his life.

The German tourist left as soon as he had minimal recovery from the operation.and flew to Berlin. His eye was shattered after the blow, but The wound has infected the iris and can cause death.

Source: Informacion


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