Russian scientists have discovered currents accelerating the melting of ice in the Arctic

St. Petersburg, where some of the warm water flows from the North Atlantic to the Arctic. They discovered new currents in the Mother Pit. They can accelerate the melting of sea ice in the summer and slow its formation in the winter. TASSWith reference to the press service of the Russian Science Foundation.

“The authors were able to demonstrate the presence of a previously unknown warm surface current on the eastern slope of the trench, from the northern tip of Novaya Zemlya to the north, which led to earlier melting of ice and later formation in this area.” says report.

The Foundation noted that the researchers also found a steady cyclonic eddy at intermediate depths in the northern part of this trench, holding a significant portion of Atlantic waters and further weakening the heat flow in the East and Central Arctic.

The authors of the paper note that the reduction of Arctic ice cover observed in recent years has had a significant impact on all ecosystems and also has a significant impact on human economic activities in the region, including mining and development of the region. North Sea Route.

Source: Gazeta


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