Aena reaps first benefits since state of alert due to tourism boom

The first months of the pandemic in 2020 caused complete paralysis in the airline industry. Alert status and measures to combat coronavirus major flight cancellationterminals are almost completely emptied and Spain is filled with ghost airports. Since then, Aena, the manager of Spanish airports, has been chaining red numbers. After eight consecutive quarterly losses, the company has now made its first profit.

aena, 51% controlled by the state through the public group Enairethere is net profit of 163.8 million euros In the first half of the year, compared to 346 million losses in the same period last year. this gross operating profit turned into positive values. €631.3 million, compared to 58.2 million losses last year. In the first half of this year, under the command of Maurici Lucena, the group managed to double its revenue to 1,720.6 million euros.

The company’s results are therefore strong reinvigoration of the air sector this year, especially in Spain. this Spain airports increased by 287.7%, Until it hits 104.9 million users where it saved 82% of the traffic it saved in 2019 pre-pandemic. The increase was generalized across all airports and across all traffic types: domestic traffic increased by 142.6%, while international traffic increased by 469%.

Taking into account the data of the group’s international network with London-Luton airport (London) and six airports in Brazil, total number of passengers 117.3 million257.3% more than the same period in 2021, which is equivalent to an improvement of 81.8% of traffic in 2019.

Aena has already started the process of reviewing the fees it applies to airlines for next year. The company’s board of directors has proposed an increase of 0.69% to achieve an adjusted maximum revenue per passenger (IMAAJ) of 10.01 euros per passenger. The National Markets and Competitiveness Commission (CNMC) will set the rates to be applied from March 2023, after a lengthy negotiation process with Aena and airlines. leaving them at 9.95 Euros per passenger.

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