Police concluded that the disabled man tortured in Manacor “cheated” the accused.

The National Police concluded that: Disabled man tortured by a group of teenagers in the town of Majorca manakor “cheated” the accused. Based on the analysis, the researchers lots of videos and WhatsApp messages between the suspects and the victim, this claim He “never” told them that he suffered from an intellectual limitation. and who was he insisted on receiving the harshest corporal punishmentIt’s like getting a penis tattoo on your face and stitching up your toes. Additionally, they state that He even promised 25,000 euros each. for participating in the alleged contest that led to torture. Investigations are ongoing against 7 young people related to this issue.

The agents in charge of the case sent an official letter to the Manacor investigating court, accessible by Diario de Mallorca, a newspaper from the same group as Prensa Ibérica, in which they gave an account of the incident. content Cell phones of suspects seized. In them they found several WhatsApp groups created by the complainant. prizes offered for participating in a so-called contestand numerous videos recorded over the weekend when the events occurred in March 2021. According to the document, the information collected is huge and takes up 152 gigabytes.

One of the most relevant aspects of this investigation, as reflected in the results of the police reports, is that the complainant’s “He never told the defendants that they were mentally handicapped”. No statement was made by the suspects regarding this situation.

The man’s offer to the “contestants” was to subject him to various tests and punishments in order to change his image in exchange for a monetary reward. Police are also pointing It was the victim himself who made “more offers for harsh, humiliating and miserable punishments”. He suffered in his own body.

According to police, videos recorded during the celebration of the alleged competition, which took place over two days at a home in Manacor, also show: the complainant was the one who encouraged the youth to torture himsuggested by himself.

Investigators further noted that the disabled man had “fooled” the defendants into doing these practices, that with them they would earn points and promises them up to 25,000 euros per person. They even signed a contract and the whistleblower assured them that he had a partner to try to prove his solvency. When the ‘participants’ start to distrust and ask for money after the ‘contest’ ends, the man He even gave them a name and a DNI that the police confirmed was wrong. and in reality it belonged to a relative with whom he lived, completely unaware of the facts. “He never considered paying the economic reward,” the researchers said.claiming that He “fooled” the suspects from the beginning.

The man was treated at the hospital for the wounds he received as a result of torture, after which he filed a complaint and Police detained 7 young people involved in the incident..

Source: Informacion


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