Novosibirsk scientists have created a drug for tomography that does not contain toxic metals

Scientists from the Institute of Chemical Biology and Basic Medicine (ICBFM, Novosibirsk) have created new contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging that do not contain toxic heavy metal ions. This has been reported interfaxWith reference to ICBFM researcher Alexei Chubarov.

“We are developing probes (contrasts. – for both fluorescent tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, and these are multimodal probes: you can see where (tumor. – before the procedure. On the sidelines of the “Synthetic Biology and Biopharmaceuticals” conference held in Novosibirsk, Chubarov said “surgery to cut out all parts of the tumor.”

He pointed out that the method was developed for situations where the use of radioactive elements is limited, for example in brain tumors.

Either the fluorine-19 isotope or free electron nitrogen and oxygen compounds called nitroxide radicals were used as contrast agents. The latter is eliminated from the body relatively quickly, unlike, for example, gadolinium, which is currently used in tomography.

The chemical design was created in partnership with the nitrogen compounds laboratory of the Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry.

According to the scientist, human serum albumin was used as a transport molecule for a contrast agent.

The expert added that a chemotherapeutic drug can be added to the structure obtained, and in this case, the entire structure can be used for treatment.

Formerly doctors reportedFrequent computed tomography result.

Source: Gazeta


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