Two “abandoned” children on a plot in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Santa Cruz City Council’s safety zone reported on Monday, July 25, that Local Police had to assist two young children, ages 2 and 11, who were “alone” on a plot in El Sobradillo, “apparently, they had Temporarily abandoned by their parents“.

The troops went to the region around 18.00, following a notice warning of this situation. According to local police sources, when they arrived at the scene, a neighbor was providing water to the children “due to their situation and the high recorded temperature”. Unable to locate the mother of the minors, the agents determined that there was no shaded area on the vacant lot in question.

Before the police arrived, several neighbors approached to explain that this had happened before, confirming that “the parent usually leaves them alone in that area with some food and they stay there for several hours”.

Local Police confirm minors are in great tension. The security area states that “the specific vulnerabilities have been verified and, given the seriousness of these events,” it has been decided to activate members of the Juvenile Prosecution Subordinate Unit to follow the appropriate procedure in these cases.

“At all times and with the collected data, efforts were made to find the mother of the minors, but with no results. So much so that the judicial authority even ordered the children to be admitted to a reception centre. It was determined that the minors, especially the two-year-old boy, would be transferred to the Tíncer health center for evaluation. Neighbors insisted that this behavior was a habit from the mother’s side..

In the meantime, steps were taken to conduct the proceedings because of the seriousness of the risk posed to the minors and the possible possibility of committing a crime by the parent. Statements were taken in the case of the children’s mother, who was then called at 1-1-2 from the Canary Islands Government Emergency and Security Coordination Center (Cecoes) at the Local Police Communications Room. Worry about not being able to find them where he left them.

The 45-year-old woman was treated by a Santa Cruz Local Police commander, who asked her to appear at the police station. the children were handed over to their mothers. In any case, information was given about all the actions taken from the Child Prosecutor’s Office, the municipality’s Social Care Directorate and the General Directorate of Child and Family Protection, and the appropriate reports and proceedings to be forwarded to the relevant authorities. Government of the Canary Islands.

Source: Informacion


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