Monegal’s criticism | The new director of TV-3, but we already knew

‘Telenoticies’ announces TV-3 already has a new director, Sigfrid Gras, and for the first time in history it was “selected by public opinion contest.”

It would be more incomplete if I join the gratitude. But it is worth noting that Gras is selected by the traditional method already in April. i.e. with the finger and has been practicing the position ever since. Now, half a dozen creatures pulled out of the arm to support him in the position he’s already holding is nothing more than a drill.

However, it is fair to point out that the elective method should not be a factor of wear or overvaluation on the quality and capacity of the winner. It just depends on your role and how you execute your command. so you have to give grass reasonable time to analyze. What we do know is his past. Thirty years at Corpo (“Bet on the inner talent!”) they told us with the emphasis on ‘TN’. Yes, he has been in various roles at home for 30 years.

Ah! It contains the aftertaste of a certain public service. In fact, all public television sets have become gigantic structures filled with officials. exciting grass Committed to directing TV-3 and directing Content and Programs over the past six years. So that drag of the chain was cast as a high position in a ‘cheerleader of the procés’ scheme.

There is a question whether everything is ‘malgré luí’ or whether it is enchanted. of course profile grass looks so different Sanchiler. Those sessions, who chose him as the moderator-star of the discussions… Ah! All this assembly, fortunately, Siegfried Grass.

All things considered, it faces a practically undone season. Most of the cake has already been shared between three or four regular producers. The monaguill@s movement has already been designed. And to avoid excessive sermons, a ‘fest’, ‘Euforia’ or musical siphon will be implemented to entertain the ‘kindergarten’. In ‘processor’ matters (Junts/ERC), according to Dalmases, instant balance is realities that hit the furniture but with great efficiency.

In short, I wish you Siegfried Liver success and patience. Remember what great chess players say when someone tries to scare them: in the end, the king and pawn fall into the same box.

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