Pentagon announced data on the lifting of bans on military contractors in Ukraine 06.25.2024, 23:10

US President Joe Biden’s administration has not yet made a decision to lift the ban on the deployment of military contractors in Ukraine. To the reporter about this TASS The Pentagon reported.

“We have not made any decisions and it is too early to discuss this issue. An unnamed military official said the US President is determined not to send troops to Ukraine.

At the same time, the speaker refused to comment on reports of discussions or proposals within the ministry that “may or may not be taken into account.”

Before this CNN reportedIt was stated that US officials plan to lift the ban on the assignment of their military contractors to Ukraine.

According to CNN sources, the aim of the initiative is to provide assistance to Kiev in the repair and maintenance of weapons supplied by Washington. If the appropriate decision is made, the initiative will most likely be implemented before the end of 2024.

Previously in the USA explainedWhy don’t they invite Ukraine to NATO for now?

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Source: Gazeta


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