Amaia Romero announced the amount she paid to the Treasury in her last statement: “It was difficult”

Amaia Romero was the latest guest on the show ‘La Resistance’ and the winner of ‘OT 2017’ did much more than that, although she came to present her new single ‘Nanai’. In addition to singing the anthem of his country, Navarra, the singer gave David Broncano An album by Stella Maris, the band founded in the ‘La Mesías’ seriesfrom Movistar Plus+ and recently performed at Primavera Sound.

Continuing with the normal script of the programme, the host asked her the classic questions about sex and money, to which Amaia answered openly. YesRegarding sexual relations in the last 30 days, the Navarrese woman said, “I don’t know about this, David,” and finally gave the figure 6.2. But what was surprising was his confession about money.

Amaia Romero did not give a specific amount of money in the bank but admitted that “business has picked up since I won the extension.” She also did not hesitate to give some more: “I paid 70 thousand euros in the last tax return. It was hard”. This led the presenter to deduce that “that means a lot of money is coming in.”

Not only did he talk about this in the program, but he also touched on his music career and said: “I’m more insecure about other things, but that’s what I’m best at.” Let us recall that Amaia not only participated in ‘OT 2017’, but also participated in other talents such as ‘Cántame una canto’ on Telecinco or ‘El numero uno’ on Antena 3.

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