A woman put her daughter in a cat carrier and threw her from the third floor 21:51

A woman in Berlin put her one-year-old daughter in a cat carrier and threw her out of the third-floor window. Photograph.

While the young man was passing by an apartment building in the Altglienikke area the other day, he heard the moans of the cat carrier lying on the ground. When the young man opened the door, he found a seriously injured girl inside. The 21-month-old baby was lucky: a large bush under the windows cushioned his fall from a height of 11 meters and probably saved his life. While it was reported that the child’s arms and legs were broken, the police said that his life was not in danger.

“The girl was taken to hospital immediately after sustaining serious injuries during the fall,” a police spokesman said.

According to preliminary data, at the time of the crime, the 41-year-old citizen of the Czech Republic was in the apartment with his little daughter, nine-year-old son and cat. Investigators claim that the mother was depressed by the situation and threw her baby out the window out of desperation.

The detainee refused to comment on what happened. According to Bild, the woman has four more children. One has already grown up, the rest are still living with it.

She is a single mother and is described as “very sweet and loving,” the “picture mom,” according to her neighbors. The woman is currently in a psychiatric clinic and a criminal case has been opened against her. His nine-year-old child was taken into custody by the Children’s Branch Directorate.

Previously a 17-year-old mother from Voronezh to be saved by throwing a newborn child out the window.

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Source: Gazeta


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