The name of the ingredient in bread and chocolate that increases the risk of diabetes has been determined 21:03

Scientists from Sorbonne Nord University in Paris have identified a link between the consumption of certain food emulsifiers and an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. results published In Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology.

More than 100 thousand volunteers with an average age of 43 participated in the research. The majority of subjects (79%) were female. In the first phase, participants provided scientists with two-day records of all the food and drinks they consumed. For the next 14 years, volunteers updated their dietary data every six months. During the observation period, 1056 people were diagnosed with diabetes.

Scientists have found that people who consume a lot of emulsifiers are more likely to suffer from this disease. Emulsifiers are substances that allow different substances to be mixed to create an attractive and uniform texture in food products. They are widely used in the production of ice cream, bread and chocolate.

Researchers found that carrageenans (and the thickener E407) increased the risk of developing diabetes by 3% with increasing doses of 100 mg per day, and tripotassium phosphate (E340) increased the risk of developing diabetes by 15% with increasing doses of 500 mg per day. , mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (food additive E472e) – 4%, subject to consumption of 100 mg per day. Increased intake of E331, E412, E414, and E415 was also associated with diabetes.

Previous scientists I learnedIt turns out that fat accumulation in muscles increases the risk of diabetes.

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