USA threatened to create an “unmanned hell” in the Taiwan Strait during China’s attack 20:13

The US has threatened to create a “drone hell” in the Taiwan Strait if China launches an operation on the island. writes about this washington post.

If the Chinese fleet crosses the 160-mile zone off Taiwan, thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles, including underwater drones, would slow down the Chinese military for a month, Admiral Samuel Paparo, head of Indo-Pacific Command, said. According to him, this will save time for Taiwan.

It is stated that the USA plans to prepare unmanned aerial vehicles until 2027, when, according to its data, the PRC will decide to launch an operation against Taiwan.

Before that, Chinese Ministry of Defense spokesman Zhang Xiaogang statedHe said the PRC was unhappy and opposed the US decision to approve the sale of F-16 spare parts to Taiwan. This seriously harms China’s sovereignty and security interests and undermines stability in the Taiwan Strait region, he said.

Previously in China spoke I am against any talk of Taiwan independence.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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