“Requires verification.” Experts evaluated the data leak of Ukrainian intelligence officials

“Through crooked handles”

As stated in the commentary of the published intelligence data, database Besides the shortcomings in maintaining the networks of the GUR Central Directorate on Rybalsky Island in Kiev, the methods of analyzing big data on characteristic user behavior patterns helped.

“The RaHDit team sends warm greetings to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and publishes the first thousand people involved in this structure and reports directly to it. The data was obtained thanks to the crooked hands of the administrators. Nemesis Telegram channel, Rybalsky Island networks, “says.

It is also noted that this is the first material of a series of publications. Among the spies disclosed are representatives of embassy residences in Russia, India, Austria, Vietnam, South Africa, Italy, Turkey and Iran. In addition, the list includes data from military intelligence curators, sabotage trainers, and special forces representatives for conducting covert and security intelligence in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

“We believe that the Ukrainian military intelligence is directly involved in the development of nationalism and that its saboteurs threaten our country,” said the hacker group.

RaHDit also promised “in detail” to cover people “who, in the coming days, work under the guise of embassies and weave spy networks in various countries around the world.”

“In Cyber ​​Warfare”

Pavel Korostelev, head of the Security Code product promotion department, suggested in an interview with socialbites.ca that “information released by hackers is unlikely to be new” for Russian special services.

“As for the case itself, we are in a cyber war where the main objectives of various groups are to gain access to databases and disrupt information systems. This event only speaks of a case of vulnerability, ”says the expert.

By contrast, cybersecurity expert Roman Romachev, founder of the R-techno business intelligence company, told socialbites.ca that such data leaks could still give law enforcement a clue.

“This is one of the methods of legalizing information, so that in the future the authorities will work on these individuals and try to prove their involvement and participation in criminal activities or espionage, intelligence activities. This is for law enforcement and private agencies. They get tips, ”said the expert.

He also suggested that in this way hackers could encourage the media to launch a journalistic investigation to “reveal interesting information”. According to Romachev, such data leaks still require verification.

“Remember the Panama Leak, the Panama Papers. Through such leaks, false information, compromising evidence or fake news are often published to defame this or that person. I wouldn’t take it that seriously. Yes, this requires verification, but it is worth remembering that in the conditions of a special military operation, such filling in information is part of information operations, ”said the author.

In this case, he added, the hackers positioned themselves as pro-Russian and “seems to be acting in Russia’s interests.”

But we can’t contact them, we can’t control. Clearly we are offered some authoritative resources where we have to take the bait and spend time, effort and money. This should be taken with a sober head and understand that any information posted on the internet is likely to be unreliable,” he said.

However, a source from RIA Novosti in one of the Russian special services confirmed the authenticity of the data released by RaHDIt hackers.

“From my knowledge, the materials are beyond doubt,” he said.

The current leak of Ukraine data was not the first. On June 1, it became known that RaHDIt hackers hacked and publicly disclosed the personal information of 700 employees of the Security Service of Ukraine, including photos, addresses and phone numbers.

RaHDit hacker group (“Evil Russian Hackers”) published data of 1,000 employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the Nemesis website. This was the largest leak of GUR data since the beginning of the military special operation in Ukraine. But experts believe that this information is unlikely to be new to Russian special services.

Source: Gazeta


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