An at-home test has been created to check women for a cancer-causing virus 14:26

The world’s first cervical cancer risk assessment strip allows you to test at home for 14 strains of human papillomavirus (HPV). Reports say it went on sale in the UK this week daily mail.

HPV is an important risk factor for cervical cancer. Eight out of ten people will contract the virus at some point in their lives. Most strains do not cause symptoms, but over time they can lead to health problems ranging from infertility to cancer. 99.8% of cervical cancers are related to HPV. According to WHO, the virus is also connected with tumors of the oral cavity, larynx, penis and anus.

The introduction of the vaccine in the UK in 2008 reduced the incidence of cervical cancer by 25%. However, of the approximately five million women who require HPV testing, only 68.7% are screened. The new test will expand screening to people who cannot or are afraid to go to the doctor.

The new at-home HPV test involves inserting a swab for 20 minutes. It then needs to be sent to the laboratory. The result will be ready within 10 days. If HPV is detected, the woman should consult a doctor to take cancer prevention measures.

An HPV test kit can be ordered for £ 69 (about eight thousand rubles). It was developed by Gynecological Health Startup Daye, which previously marketed a test for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Company founder Valentina Milanova hopes the test, along with other measures, will help eliminate cervical cancer in the UK by 2040.

used to be a doctor said It’s about a one-second test to check for dehydration.

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