The doctor talked about the “thyrotoxic heart” syndrome Doctor Rimskaya: Swelling of the legs may be a sign of the “thyrotoxic heart” syndrome 09:47

Thyroid hormones directly affect the state of the cardiovascular system. High levels or long-term hyperthyroidism can lead to the development of “thyrotoxic heart,” said the cardiologist, a senior investigator at the eponymous National Center for Medical Research Cardiology. Chazova Russian Ministry of Health Elena Rimskaya.

“Hyperthyroidism can increase the contractility of the heart, which can cause contractions to become stronger and more frequent. Rimskaya said that with a long-term hyperthyroid state, heart failure, called “thyrotoxic heart,” develops.

According to him, this condition manifests itself in the development of cardiac dysfunction (decreased contractility of the heart) and heart failure.

“In addition to complaints of tachycardia and irregular heart rhythm, patients also complain of shortness of breath, first during physical activity and then at rest. The cardiologist noted that edema of the lower extremities may also be a symptom of this condition.

How thyroid hormones make the heart “tense”, how to understand that heart problems are related to the endocrine system and how to treat the heart against the background of hormonal changes – in report Rimskaya “”.

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