Hallmarks of female stroke called 13:18

Women have a higher risk of having a stroke due to hypertension compared to men. In addition, the former are more likely to suffer from migraines, which doubles the likelihood of a cerebrovascular accident. About this post MedicalXpress said Dr. D., professor of emergency medicine and epidemiology at Brown University. Tracy Madsen and neuroscientist Cheryl Bushnell of Wake Forest University, both US institutions.

Experts note that men and women share many of the classic risk factors for stroke, including diabetes and atrial fibrillation. But hypertension has a greater impact on stroke risk in women. Some studies have shown that women with systolic blood pressure of 120 to 129 (measurements defined as high blood pressure) have a similar risk of stroke as men with systolic blood pressure of 140 to 149.

Experts say women may also be at increased risk of stroke due to pregnancy, early menopause and a predisposition to migraines. All of these conditions can potentially cause blood clots to form, which can detach from vessel walls and block cerebral blood flow.

It is also stated that because women live longer than men, they are more likely to have a stroke throughout their lives. Typically, stroke occurs at an earlier age in men than in women.

Additionally, the range of symptoms of acute cerebrovascular accident is wider in women. Paralysis in women can manifest itself as nausea, fainting and confusion of consciousness, as well as the classic symptoms (facial drooping, difficulty speaking, weakness in the arms).

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