The doctor explained why hearing loss in old age is dangerous for the mind Doctor Proshchaev: hearing aid will help reduce the risk of developing dementia 10:29

Kirill Proshchaev, an expert of the social project, told Gazeta that in case of decrease or loss of hearing or vision (the two main sources of information), a person may experience cognitive impairment or even the onset of dementia. Ru about this.

“There is scientific evidence that people with uncorrected visual and auditory deficits have a higher risk of having cognitive impairment and developing dementia. Additionally, in the presence of sensory deficits, depression and increased anxiety often develop and sleep may be disrupted. The phenomenon of sensory deprivation increases the risk of developing loneliness syndrome, because the number of social connections decreases: it is not convenient to talk on the phone or have a long conversation, because you have to ask again,” Proshchaev noted.

People with diminished and uncorrected vision may have a poorer diet. According to the expert, they cannot look for the products they need in the supermarket and therefore they only buy the products they know, thus limiting themselves to a very narrow circle.

“Of course, such sensory deficits need to be compensated. Although there are no problems with vision correction in society, not everyone is interested in hearing correction. There is also a misconception that hearing loss is a natural symptom of aging and is incorrectly compensated for, for example, by increasing the volume of a working TV. If you are hearing impaired, you should definitely consult a doctor; At a certain stage of hearing loss, the doctor recommends and selects hearing aids. This is very important, because it has been proven that the risk of dementia in people with well-balanced hearing impairment is reduced to a level no higher than in people with intact hearing,” concluded the expert.

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Source: Gazeta


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