Doctors suggest training the immune system to beat allergies 16:05

Allergies and other pathological reactions of the human body to the outside world can be explained by the so-called hygiene theory, which identifies the source of the problem as the lack of human contact with the real world. That is why it is important to train your immune system – this will help you cope with allergies; stated The doctor of the highest category for the 360 ​​​​TV channel is immunologist-allergist Oksana Shabalina.

Shabalina explained that the child was not born in sterile conditions before and has been in contact with animals, microorganisms and various allergens since birth, and thus immunity is formed. Nowadays, since children are not born in a natural environment, their immunity becomes very sensitive.

“This is the so-called hygienic theory that when a modern person is born, he already finds himself in fairly clean conditions,” the doctor said.

According to Shabalina, this shows that little training is needed. The doctor believes that it is dangerous to immediately give a large load, as it can lead to a breakdown of the immune system, but gradual contact with allergens can be beneficial.

The doctor also did not confirm experts’ conclusions that half the world’s population will have allergies by mid-century. He concluded that although there is indeed an increasing trend in the number of allergy sufferers, the total number will not exceed 40%.

Let us remind you that doctors noteAllergic reactions can occur with unusual symptoms such as food symptoms, fever and ear itching, he said.

Beauticians before warned Russians about the danger of allergies to Botox injections.

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Source: Gazeta


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