Biologist reveals whether Spinraza’s Russian counterpart could replace original 15:32

Biologist Alexey Diashev, former director of the Binar Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, in conversation with Reedus saidWhether the Russian analogue of Spinraza (international non-proprietary name Nusinersen), a drug used to treat spinal muscular atrophy, can fully replace the original. According to the expert, there should be no questions about the quality of the drug, but there is another problem that is not obvious.

“When a drug is produced, it happens in a specific research centre. <...> He develops a drug and does it on his own base, not in mass production. The laboratory produces a highly purified, high-quality drug. Then mass production begins, and everything depends on the conscience of certain people there,” Diashev said.

According to the publication, the cost of one pack of Spinraza, produced in the Russian Federation by the American pharmaceutical company Biogen, is 5.13 million rubles. The Russian developer claims that the analogue will cost less.

How report Vedomosti, a domestic analogue of Spinraza, will be produced by biotechnology company Generium. Data on the registration of the drug under the brand Lantesens was published in the State Pharmaceutical Register (GRLS) of the Ministry of Health on April 15.

Russian government in December 2023 Issue The pharmaceutical company “Geropharm” received a compulsory license for the drug “Semavik”, which is an analogue of the Danish drug “Ozempic”.

Russians before explainedWhy do we need drugs in different forms?

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Source: Gazeta


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