Sexual tension in survivors (unresolved): “I’m more of a slut, I do whatever they ask me to do.”

audience survivors Take something from Honduras: love. In almost every issue, a couple appeared who made us tremble with their stories in the sands of Cayos Cochinos, but in this issue we haven’t experienced it yet… but we might.

Marieta and Ruben Torres They are attracted to each other, or at least that’s what their “matchmaker” Kiko Jiménez thinks. Sofía Suescun’s boyfriend admitted to woman from Elche that Catalan firefighter noticed him

“Uh,” Kiko said, mimicking the gesture of desire he saw as Torres passed Marieta.He told me he wanted to go slow, there was a lot of competition left and he wanted to see what happened.“Kiko disclosed Rubén Torres’ comments towards her to Marieta.

Marieta undoubtedly loved Kiko’s comment and told her teammates that you boosted my ego. I’m a little depressed, I say. How low are these people’s libido because it hasn’t left me, I’m awake” he added: “Maybe mine is so strong it won’t fade away.”

The woman from Elche was dying laughing as she explained that she couldn’t do anything on the island because she had promised her mother, but she was quick to admit that she knew all the tattoos on Rubén’s chest by heart. Even where she has a nipple piercing.

Rubén Torres’ sexual preferences

After this statement, the group began a conversation about sexual preferences, in which Torres participated.

“He’s one of those with these strange tastes,” Kiko commented to Marieta, referring to Rubén Torres in her presence. To which Marieta replied: “I am very clean“. Rubén was not far behind and added: “I’m more of a slut… I’ve done everything I can think of and if they ask me, I’ll do it.. So it’s about enjoying and if you like them to do something then you do it because it’s about enjoying, there’s no need for it to be taboo at that moment.”

Rubén decided to withdraw from the conversation to continue his duties on the beach, and in his absence, Kiko and Marieta took the opportunity to discuss his words. “We should talk about little things like that, ’cause I knew that… he’s got a face, you can see him“, Sofía Suescun’s boyfriend Kiko expressed that he was convinced that the chemistry between colleagues was palpable.

I realize I’m so old, a Torres catches me and traumatizes me“, Marieta admitted to Kiko, who suggested the relationship could go in any direction.Or not, maybe you’ll hang on palm trees like monkeys“.

The truth is that it is not clear whether Marieta and Rubén Torres went to the island with a partner. It looked like the woman from Elche was going to meet a boy from Almería off the island. This is an anonymous man who once sent Marieta a message from the program ‘Socialité’: “It’s true that there is something between us, A girl I like and find her interesting. But I would like to remain anonymous. I’m a kid who’s not looking for television or fame. He is our hero and he is currently on a very important program. As for whether or not I’m waiting for him, that’s something he and I already talked about before he left. I can only tell you that Marieta is at peace. I want to be able to send him the strength to keep going and let him know I’m there. My word stands.”

We are not clear about Rubén either, but some comments from his colleagues suggest that there might be someone waiting for him outside.

Source: Informacion


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