They refuse an abortion to a ten-year-old girl who was raped in Ohio

A ten year old girl The woman, who was six weeks pregnant as a result of the rape, had to leave the state of Ohio at the end of June as the statewide abortion ban came into effect. Supreme Court decision abolish the right to abortion at the federal level.

had to be a girl Transferred to the state of Indiana As reported this Saturday by the ‘Indianapolis Star Tribune’, last Monday after refusing to terminate the pregnancy in her home country when a gynecologist determined that she was six weeks and three days pregnant.

State laws prohibit abortion after the sixth week, when the fetus is expected to start beating. The norm was appealed, but the Ohio Supreme Court held it valid until the appeals were resolved, the ‘Cincinnati Enquirer’ reported.

Indiana is also in the process of passing a state law. abortion and a state congressional hearing is already scheduled for July 25, when the Republican majority will predictably introduce new restrictions.

Indiana health workers have identified an increase in patients requesting abortions from other states because it is already prohibited in their place of origin.

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