Call to flood-affected areas to prepare for summer fires 17:50

Large-scale floods can lead to a dry, hot summer and affected areas need to be prepared for forest and peat fires as a result. This opinion was expressed on the radio station by Alexei Karnaukhov, researcher of the Pushchino Scientific Biological Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and expert on global environmental disasters. “Moscow speaks”.

According to Karnaukhov, due to rapid snowmelt and rapid flooding, very little water is absorbed into the soil: it goes into rivers, seas and oceans. Therefore, the land dries out, and under certain conditions – such as blocking anticyclones – summers in affected areas can be extremely hot, as was the case in 2010, for example. In this case, forest and peat fires are very likely to occur.

The expert recommends regularizing firebreaks in forests, cutting dead wood and irrigating dry peatlands. This needs to be done in the near future, as soon as conditions permit.

To date, floods have occurred in 33 regions of Russia under water More than 15.8 thousand residences, nearly 28 thousand lands, 111 bridges and 84 roads. The most difficult situation developed in the Volga and Ural federal districts.

Previously governor of Kurgan in the name Our fellow citizens should not argue with the saviors.

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Source: Gazeta


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