It was learned whether a person can hear his own snoring 17:14

While some people frequently wake up to the sound of their own snoring, others are completely insensitive to the sound. A person’s ability to hear their own snoring may also change throughout the night. Anita Shelgikar, a sleep medicine and neurologist from the University of Michigan, explains this issue. said LiveScience publication.

The doctor explained that each person has a different threshold of sensitivity, which reflects the ability to wake up when any sound is heard. At the same time, the probability of awakening is affected not only by the volume of sounds, but also by their nature – frequency, rhythm. For this reason, people may completely ignore their own snoring sounds or be awakened by these sounds.

Another factor that snoring affects sleep and waking is the nighttime rest phase. The fact is that it is divided into slow and fast phases that change several times throughout the night. During REM sleep, people often begin to snore louder and more intensely. In addition, the person’s brain functions are activated and the frequency of rapid eye movements increases. Also during this period, sensitivity to changes in environmental conditions increases, so you are more likely to wake up from your own snoring.

used to be a doctor saidWhat diseases cause snoring?

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