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British officer expels a family of nine Ukrainian refugees


A family of nine fleeing the Ukraine to England were left homeless after Royal Navy officer Dudley Malster and his wife Kelly, who had sheltered them in a bungalow, asked them to leave the building. This has been reported daily mail.

According to the publication, the officer, without explaining his reasoning, turned off the internet to Ukrainians and sent a notice through their lawyer that they had to move. They got the same warning from Hampshire County Council.

Kelly and her husband were very welcoming and made us feel like this is where we could stay. Then they stopped talking to us and we got a letter saying we were evicted. We have until the 15th of July. They also cut off the internet so it’s hard for us to email and communicate. The owner is heartless, ”says from the publication of the head of the Maxim family.

“No one can comment on the situation this afternoon,” said law firm Trethowans, who notified the family of the eviction.

It is stated that there are five children between the ages of one and seven in the family of Ukrainian Maxim Girik and his wife Olga. One of them is autistic. In addition, the mothers of both spouses, one 60 and the other 70 years old, moved with them from Ukraine and “someone needs constant care”.

“I talked to five local real estate agents and when I told them we were a family of nine from Ukraine they said no and hung up,” Girik told reporters.

The officer, who first provided housing for the Ukrainians, then changed his mind, served in the Navy for 20 years, participated in military campaigns in Bayhrain, Afghanistan, and took part in ensuring the safety of the royal family. Journalists could not communicate with him.

Now the family is raising money for a new house.

Former Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski said Introducing himself as Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus talk about the Polish authorities’ failed strategy to accept Ukrainian refugees.

He noted that the Polish authorities “have no money” and that the Warsaw authorities are “enemy” to the President of Poland.

Source: Gazeta



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