Bernie Ecclestone, ex-Formula 1 chief, who rested for a few days inside IbizaHe presented a live interview for the British program ‘Good Morning Britain’, which aired on ITV this Thursday.

Hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway told the 91-year-old British businessman opinion russian occupation in ukraineEcclestone has been seen in public multiple times with Vladimir Putin.

Their response was radical and Clearly positioned in favor of the President of Russia. “I would take a bullet for himBritish businessman. President of Ukraine Volodímir Zelenski said: he is a sensible person and would listen to him and he would probably do something about it,” he added, adding that the president was a comedian before the war and seemed to want to stay that way.

Those who watched the program did not let their anger pass over these statements, and there were immediate reactions on social networks.

These statements came in the wake of multiple Russian attacks on apartments and shopping malls in Ukraine, the latest of which has been branded a war crime by Western leaders.

what he said Putin “is a businessman like me and we make mistakes from time to time”. “(Putin) He is a first class person And he’s doing what he thinks is right for Russia.”

To the disbelief of the presenters and the question of how he can justify the death of thousands of innocent Ukrainians, Bernie Ecclestone responded by setting the example of the United States and its numerous invasions.Comparing Russia to the United States, he added that both countries “love wars because they sell weapons.”

the beginning of a friendship

According to the Metro newspaper, The friendship between Bernie Ecclestone and Vladimir Putin began in 2014, when both presented the Russian Grand Prix.. Years later in 2019, the former head of Formula 1 told The Times that he wanted Putin to “rule Europe” because he was “a good man and did nothing that wasn’t good for the people.”