Wine urges EU not to apply ‘Taliban’ policies on alcoholic beverages

José Luis Beneyto, general secretary of the Spanish Federation of Wines and Spirits, most European Commission Should not implement “Taliban” policies comply with the recommendations of the Special Commission on Cancer Control (‘BECA Report’), which proposes to include a health warning in food strategies or alcoholic beverages, by including I to come and cava, to warn about the risks associated with cancer.

Although the discussions in the EU institutions are not over, the European Commission in 2023 yes, can change the labeling regulation The sale of food and beverages, which some representatives of the General Directorate of Health and Food Safety have suggested to warn consumers that wine bottles contain messages such as those that appear on cigarette packs with “Smoking kills” signs on them.

Beneyto warns that wine is bad One of the main agri-food export sectors outside the European Union, Together with representatives of Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Jerez, Somontano, Madrid, Valencia, Rías Baixas, La Mancha and Cava Designations of Origin, they held a working meeting yesterday with PP MPs Dolors Monserrat and Juan Ignacio Zoido. Spain is in danger as it is the third largest wine producer in the world with nearly 950,000 hectares of vineyards, a production of 42 million hectoliters and 4,300 wineries creating a job worth €5,300 million and exporting to 189 countries.

“This is a never ending story. Wine industry, moderate consumption, There is no harm to health within the framework of Mediterranean culture. There is no scientific proof,” said Beneyto, “there is a lot of lobbying fighting against alcohol consumption and something must be done,” said the general secretary of the Spanish Wine Federation.

César Saldaña, head of DO Jerez, considers coordination the “key” to stop initiatives such as the ‘Oslo Declaration’ signed by various European associations in Spain on 16 June, where drugs are equal and alcohol is the cause. “destructive problems” for health and the consumption of beverages such as wine are criminalized. “Both the wine industry and the agri-food industry must start A statement advocating moderate wine consumption”.

Salvador Manjón, head of DO Valencia, said the industry “reacts only when threatened”. We must regain our strength and focus the discussion on wine as an agricultural product and food.” For him, it is “not a political issue but a religious issue and the result of a wine-rejecting culture of the Anglo-Saxon countries”.

The PP spokesperson in the European Parliament, the former Minister of Health at the time, ” mediterranean diet, The intangible cultural heritage of the humanities is a valuable European cultural heritage that provides us with a healthy diet that includes a moderate consumption of wine. “Europe’s anti-cancer plan criminalizes wine without any scientific evidence, without any due diligence.”

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