Moscow Zoo announced when panda Katyusha will go to China 07:08

Panda Katyusha, who was born and lives in the Moscow Zoo, will go to her historical homeland, China, at the age of four. writes about this RIA News said the press service of the capital’s zoo.

“He will go to China when he is 4 years old. And there his colleagues will decide his future fate,” they told reporters at the Moscow Zoo.

Zoo staff announced that they might be looking for a “groom” for him in China.

Employees of the institution also spoke about the situation of panda Katyusha. She currently already weighs 18 kilos.

March 26 at the zoo showed Video containing new achievements of panda Katyusha. In addition, those who observe the life of the little panda were asked not to worry about its falls.

“Young giant pandas can fall safely from heights. “There are increased spaces between the vertebrae, which act as a buffer in the event of a fall.” explained The head of the zoo is Svetlana Akulova.

The giant panda or bamboo bear belongs to the bear family. Its distinguishing feature is the peculiar black and white fur color, somewhat similar to the color of raccoons. There is now only one modern species of the genus Ailuropoda of the subfamily Ailuropodinae on Earth. Giant pandas naturally live in the mountainous regions of Central China: Sichuan, southern Gansu and Shaanxi. Since the second half of the 20th century, the panda has become the national emblem of China. Its Chinese name means “cat bear”.

The giant panda is a vulnerable species. Until 2017, it was considered an endangered species, characterized by a steadily decreasing population size and low birth rate, both in the wild and in captivity. Scientists estimate there are approximately 2,060 individuals left in the wild.

There was previously a bear on the Kuril Islands stole A bowl of soup from the tourist camp.

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Source: Gazeta


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