A captured Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier told how to survive in a burning armored vehicle 07:14

The captured Ukrainian soldier named Anatoly Prokunin said that he survived the Russian tank attack on the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle supplied to Ukraine from the USA. His story has been told RIA News.

“I made my debut. We were taken to Bradley beyond Rabotino near Novopokrovka. As soon as the ramp opened, just as we were running out and I was the second to last runner, tank fire opened and a shell hit the Bradley directly. I was seriously shocked and a shrapnel flew into my head and my comrade, who had the call sign “Mekh”, was blown to pieces,” Prokunin said.

He added that after he was injured and took leave, he no longer wanted to fight and deserted. However, patrols of Ukrainian special services found Prokunin and sent him back to the front. There he was captured by the Russian army.

Formerly a Ukrainian prisoner criticized Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He noted that wounded soldiers in the Ukrainian army did not receive full medical care and had to be treated in cold trenches.

Former Ukrainian prisoner said About the plan to take money from ordinary soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Source: Gazeta


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