Tip to Carmen Borrego in Survivors: “Let’s put the pot on because we won’t be working too hard.”

The ‘No Man’s Land’ program, where the current situation of the survivors is analyzed, continues to leave us with priceless moments.

This Tuesday Carmen Borrego His sister became a hero after experiencing an exciting moment. Terelu Campos, He made a video call from Spain. Carmen had been separated from her classmates a few days ago. anxiety the person who is suffering and is treated by the program’s team of psychologists.

Therefore, the organization thought that his sister’s words might help and encourage him. Terelu tried to lift Carmen’s morale as she was depressed due to the death of her mother, the great María Teresa Campos, urging her to remain determined in the competition.

Terelu’s message was clear and powerful; It is clear that the presenter speaks very well and his sister listens to him attentively. But what really caught the attention of viewers and collaborators on the set was a sentence he dedicated to his sister: “You are the soul of ‘Survivor’!”

This statement did not go unnoticed on social networks. Maite GaldeanoDefender of Kiko Jiménez and Nagore Robles They shared their opinions. They were both particularly critical of Carmen’s performance on Survivors, focusing on Terelu’s description of her sister as the “soul” of the program; a comment that Galdeano sarcastically denied: “Spirit… Oh my God, what a girl.” put the pot down.”

Nagore did not hesitate to point out Carmen’s demeanor in the competition, suggesting that her effort was minimal: “Just putting the pot on because she has little to do.” Galdeano supported this view, highlighting Carmen’s lack of effort and tendency to complain: “Complaining a lot without doing anything”. Robles stated that Carmen was not a good survivor, emphasizing that she was unable to face the negativity of the program like the other contestants did: “Despite all the rain these contestants swallowed, she’s out there in the closed area. She doesn’t know anything.”

The conversation between Galdeano and Robles ended with comments regarding Carmen’s perceived attitude, calling it arrogance: “What a morrazo indeed!” exclaimed Galdeano, while Robles played with the surname Borrego to intensify the criticism: “Absolutely, such a sheep!“.

New reactions to Terelu’s words

Another of the most notable reactions was that Naomi Asensi, who won in ‘Big Brother VIP 8’, joined the chorus of critical voices sharing their views on social media towards Terelu’s comment towards Carmen.

The Island of Temptations contributor asked, “Did Campos just say Borrego is the spirit of the Survivors?” asked. And she accompanied these words with a famous meme where two women said: “He’s got two balls this big.”

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