Apache military helicopter crashed in the USA 12:52

An AH-64E Apache attack helicopter crashed during a training exercise in the US state of Colorado. This was reported by KKTV.

A spokesman for the Fort Carson base said the helicopter crashed at approximately 18:30 (03:30 Moscow time) during a planned exercise at the base, the TV station reported. It was noted that two soldiers were injured and taken to hospital.

in february dead Another incident involving an AH-64 Apache crashing in Mississippi. State Governor Tate Reeves said the accident occurred during a training flight in Prentice County.

March 17, military correspondent Evgeniy Poddubny reported It was stated on the Telegram channel that the Russian army shot down the American-made Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) with soldiers on board.

According to the military correspondent, the helicopter was destroyed near the Ukrainian village of Lukashovka.

Previously Czech Republic carried There are the last Soviet helicopters in Ukraine.

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Source: Gazeta


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