The scientist explained which drinks are prohibited from taking pills 10:48

Tablets should be taken only with water at room temperature, as other drinks can reduce or, on the contrary, increase the effect of the drug, which can negatively affect your health. About This Life said Andrey Dorokhov, Associate Professor of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry at RTU MIREA, Candidate of Chemical Sciences.

“So tea and coffee contain caffeine and tannin. Many active ingredients, when combined with tannins, form insoluble compounds and are not absorbed into the blood. So the medicine will leave the body without providing any benefit,” said the expert.

In his opinion, grapefruit juice is incompatible with many medications, pineapple and grape juice can cause a hypertensive crisis when taking psychostimulants, tomato juice will reduce the antibacterial effect of sulfonamides. Carbonated drinks can irritate the stomach lining and reduce the effectiveness of medications.

Dorokhov added that milk is also not suitable for washing down the tablets because it will inhibit the absorption of various antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, omeprazole and thyroid medications. The expert concluded that it is absolutely not recommended to combine tablets with alcohol.

Doctor Alexander Myasnikov previously aforementionedSome antibiotics should not be taken with milk or fruit juice. Myasnikov also emphasized that antibiotics do not affect viruses, so they will not help with colds.

Previous scientists tested Pills against blood cancer.

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Source: Gazeta


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