The doctor associated acne in women with an increase in the level of male hormones. Dermatologist Petrova: Acne in 15% of women is associated with excess male hormones 07:55

In about 15% of cases, girls and women with acne may need to consult a gynecologist or gynecologist-endocrinologist. We are talking about cases in which the patient is suspected of hyperandrogenism – an increase in the level of male sex hormones. Svetlana Petrova, a dermatologist at the SberZdorovye medical company, told

“We are talking about cases where the patient has other symptoms of hyperandrogenism besides acne. These include, for example, hirsutism – increased body hair, alopecia – severe hair loss on the head, irregular menstrual cycle. In such cases, tests and consultation with a relevant specialist may be recommended to exclude other pathologies such as polycystic ovary syndrome,” Petrova explained.

An increase in the amount of male sex hormones may be associated with the pathology of other endocrine organs, such as the thyroid gland or pituitary gland. Additionally, androgen-secreting ovarian and adrenal cortex tumors, as well as the use of androgens and anabolic steroids, may also be causes.

“In other cases, it does not make sense to routinely undergo hormone testing in patients with acne. Acne is a chronic skin disease that occurs due to the genetic predisposition of the sebaceous glands to become more active and produce sebum. The cause of redness lies in absolute or relative hyperandrogenism. In absolute hyperandrogenism, too much male sex hormone is synthesized in the body , but in relative hyperandrogenism, which is much more common, the sensitivity of sebaceous gland receptors to these hormones is increased, even if their levels are normal.” He concluded.

According to him, acne treatment is always based on two components: proper care and external or systemic drug therapy. Basic skin care includes cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection. All products are selected individually, taking into account the condition and characteristics of the patient’s skin. In case of mild or moderate acne, treatment is carried out mainly with external drugs: creams, gels and others. In severe cases, the doctor also prescribes medication.

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