Alert due to falling prices in avocado sector

In the subtropical part of Malaga, the lack of precipitation in the hydrological year is already in its final phase. But now there is a problem that raises even more alarms, for example initial prices falling to historical limits.

forever farmers Others in the Axarquia region and the Guadalhorce Valley or around Estepona so far this year replacing their traditional crops for precious fruit, one of today’s biggest superfoods and the most shared fruit variety in the world via Instagram. Amounts of up to a minimum of 3 euros per kilo guarantee an investment that is only conditioned to the high water demand required by the avocado tree.

But the scenario changed this spring. Paradoxically, just as agriculture kept prices during the pandemic and became a haven for the economy of thousands of families in Malaga, The perfect green fruit began to lose price in the markets until the next varieties were under 50 cents a kilo, until they closed the campaign.

this agricultural associations They recall that although for years Malaga was the only European state to have its own avocado production, it was never able to condition the global price of avocados on their origin. Production is practically insignificant in an international context. It is true that the quality of Spanish fruits is far superior to other destinations whose fruits also suffer from long journeys.

But still, the real problem arises now. Exponential development of new avocado farms in Colombiathreatens to enter the world’s five largest producers or different African regions.

for spokespersons Asaja in Malaga, everything indicates that the prices in the season are over disastrously. avocadoThe mango, the other subtropical fruit planted in the Axarquia region, can gain ground once again as it requires less water and has more stable prices. “You’re guaranteed about one euro per kilo, but it makes up for it because the yield in kilos per tree is much higher,” says Antonio Ruiz, an intermediary collaborating with a major Portuguese food chain, at the gates of a fruit run. .

Portugal is one of the fully developed countries in production, thanks to the fact that the neighboring country keeps all its reservoirs connected. The COAG association cites as an example the ease with which the Portuguese Government can easily transfer surpluses from one watershed to another.

as proof Growing avocados on Portuguese soil It should be noted that the Malaga cooperative troops It has a quota of partners in the Algarve. International cooperation enables the organization, originally headquartered in Vélez-Málaga, to participate in a larger number of orders from large wholesalers.

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