Complaint against founder of 100 Montaditos to be expanded after receiving “hundreds of calls” from affected

  • Franchisees of more than seventy establishments denounce Restalia, owner of 100 Montaditos, La Sureña and The Good Burger

  • The crimes that have been uncovered include criminal organization, perpetual fraud, crimes against consumers, coercion, tax crimes, and money laundering.

A fraud complaint filed by a group of franchisees with Restalia, the founding group of 100 Montaditos, La Sureña, and The Good Burger, will be expanded after the attorneys’ hiring. “more than a hundred calls” affected.

“We will formalize extension request Rafael Franco, one of the attorneys handling the case with the firm Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo, said at a press conference that he will be with a larger franchise group in the coming days.

The first complaint, which has already been accepted for action in court, is formulated as follows: Fifteen franchises with 31 establishments, The Good Burger and 100 Montaditos and Panther cafeterias. The founder and executive chairman of Restalia is Sevillian. Jose Maria Captain

Enlargement will enter “Nearly 40 more stores”said the lawyer. Thirty other natives are considering this and will “make a decision right away”, which will bring the figure to a hundred.

The complaint was filed in August 2021 and, as lawyers from both offices explained, multiple crimes emerged in it. Between them, criminal organisation, perpetual fraud offenses, crimes against consumers, coercion, tax crimes and money laundering offences. The article is so comprehensive that it would take “eight days” to read it in its entirety.

“We smashed the system, which is a little bad”, the lawyers explained. “The initial valuation of damages to 31 businesses was around twenty million euros. It was the destruction of all franchises we know of. Bankruptcy cases, a destruction of natural persons, divorces and mental health. These are crimes and crimes. That’s how we should treat them”.


Madrid Administrative Court 52 is investigating Capitan, the company itself, several of its subsidiaries, as well as twenty group executives.

Judge David Suárez issues an order, which he accepts Opening preliminary proceedings against 29 companies belonging to or affiliated with Restalia, among them Pepe Taco, Panther Juice & Sandwich Market and La Sureña in addition to the previously mentioned.

The complaint shows that the defendants are hiding.”the deliberate existence of agreements between franchisees and suppliers, which ultimately means that the franchise is unviable.

And before the contracts were signed, “Some unrealistic feasibility studies were added, and with these studies they were able to make people believe that their franchise would deliver benefits that they would never actually get, an extreme that the accused knows for sure.” and this explains what happened. “The average number of franchise closures in the Restalia group is around one hundred per year”.

expired meat

The letter, released last week by the EFE Agency, denounced Restalia that it “could be a supplier”. meat with an “expiration” date, will be able to issue preferential expiry date extension certificates up to six months.

In this context, he cites as an example, that Restalia placed a “very large order” of low-fat meat, whose “preferred consumption date is about to end”, in 2020, and sent a statement announcing that they went to franchisees for it. to take a low-fat hamburger instead of the standard 100 grams “due to the regularity in the stock” of its products.

By this, “the defendants, the franchisees sell low fat burger as standard burger” points to the case of an informant who placed an order of standard meat, which he received on November 24, 2020.

public health risks

There are even parties that do not meet. which date would be the maximum for consumption purposes, As seen in some photos attached to the complaint.

But “the problem is even more serious” because if you stick to the extended expiration date in some batches from May and June to December 3, ” some of this low-fat meat would have been delivered to franchisees that have already expired“Because the estimated delivery was from December 1st.

Therefore, complainants warn that the problem is not only in the possibility of deceiving the consumer, but also that there are “serious risks to public health” because the product is “not in the most suitable conditions to be consumed”.

In a conversation on December 9, 2020, a franchisor accuses Antonio Escavias, former manager of franchisee aid operations, that the meat is “expired” and “this is cheating the customer”.

Escavias says he will find out what it is because it cannot be presented. “I don’t sell that meat. I have a box of low-fat meat, it’s expiredIf the inspection comes, there is no certificate etc.“Adds the franchise owner.

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