Voters denounce Johnson scandals at polls with double defeat for Conservatives

British voters forcibly punished his scandals at the ballot boxes Boris Johnson. Pressure is mounting for the prime minister to resign after the Conservative Party lost two seats in the House of Commons in Thursday’s two by-elections in very different parts of the UK.

The elections were the first election test after the elections. party doorand the result shows the enormous rejection and hostility of citizens towards Johnson. Conservative Party leader, Oliver Dowden After learning the results, he submitted his resignation. “Our fans were shocked and disappointed with the latest developments and I share those feelings. We can’t just go on as if nothing happened. Someone has to take responsibility.” In his resignation letter to the prime minister, he says:

Johnson, who is on an official visit to Rwanda, predicted on Thursday that he would not resign even after a double defeat. After learning the result, he confirms that he did not try. “Understand the importance of what voters say”, but attributes what happened to the challenges resulting from the increase in the cost of living. The question now is whether there will be more resignations in his own government that force him to sack, or whether the Party will find a way to get rid of him.

Conservative defeat at home

One of the seats in question Tiverton and Honiton A constituency in Devon in southwestern England that has voted Conservative in every election for almost a century. In 2019, the party won a majority of almost 25,000 votes, now wiped out by the victory of the party’s candidate. liberal Democrats, Richard Foord, with over 6,000 votes. Victory by an unprecedented margin, Conservatives they can always lose the next election which is their region. “Tonight the people of Tiverton and Honiton have spoken on behalf of England. Foord sent a loud and clear message: It’s time for Boris Johnson to go and now is the time to go.”

The other seat was contested at Wakefield, In West Yorkshire, an industrial area in the north of England, in the former “red belt” voted Conservative for the first time in 90 years because of Johnson in 2019. The seat returned to the hands of the Workers with the election of Simon Lightwood. “Wakefield showed that the country has lost confidence in the Conservatives. “This result is a clear judgment that the Conservative Party is running out of energy and ideas,” Labor leader Keir Starmer said in a statement.

get rid of Johnson

The double loss is a disaster for Johnson and his political future. The electoral attraction and popularity among the lower and middle classes turned into sheer rejection. The Conservative Party could have found a way to get rid of it, despite the failure of a no-confidence vote earlier this month. 41% of Conservative lawmakers voted against him. One possibility is that the 1922 Committee changing the rules to be able to submit a new motion of no confidence Against Johnson, something that could only happen in a year under current rules.

Two and a half years ago, Johnson’s electoral push led the Conservatives to an extraordinary victory, winning an 80-seat majority in the House of Commons. Johnson has had success in the traditionally conservative areas of the south of England, but also in the post-industrial areas of the center and north. Since then, Johnson’s behavior has been a series of personal scandals that resulted in a ‘party door’. The populist politician has become an unloved and hated figure, repeatedly lied to, with a ridiculous charisma that distinguishes him from other orthodox politicians and makes him very attractive to many. According to a YouGov poll conducted earlier this month, 60% of Britons think he should resign.

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