Man who killed five people with bow and arrow in Norway entered mental hospital

the author is a deadly bow and arrow attack killing five Sentenced by a Norwegian court this Friday in Kongsberg (southwest Norway) in October 2021 indefinitely in a mental hospital.

The Buskerud court found that Espen Andersen Bråthen, who was born and raised in Norway but was a Danish citizen, not criminally responsible for their actions and that he was mentally ill, as the prosecution and defense had already stated during the trial.

The sentence was made by Bråthen, 38, who was also convicted of eleven attempted murders. there were hallucinations before and after He thinks about the facts and that he is still in a psychotic state, which may require treatment and control for the rest of his life.

Bråthen diagnosed years ago paranoid schizophreniaHe shot several people with arrows in central Kongsberg, but later dropped the gun and killed five people with bladed weapons, both in public places and at private addresses.

Norwegian intelligence services He warned in 2015 that he was in danger of radicalization and three years later, they contacted them via a video posted on the Internet in which he made unspecified threats and reaffirmed his status as a Muslim. Norwegian intelligence later thought he was not a radical Islamist and warned that he had health services.serious mental problems“.

After his arrest, the Islamic terrorism hypothesis was initially reconsidered, but was soon rejected when it was found that it did not conform to the common traditions of Islamic culture and religion.

Caused by the Bråthen case Criticism of the police in Norway to health services for his actions and the poor follow-up of a person who was hospitalized several times in a mental institution, as the attacker escaped from the two agents and took about forty minutes to be arrested.

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