Scientists discovered how human ancestors lost their tails Nature: human ancestors lost their tails due to an insertion in the TBXT gene 19:51

Comparison of DNA from monkeys (with and without tails) and humans revealed a genetic trait that may have led to tail loss in human ancestors. The results were published in the journal Nature.

Previous studies have shown that more than 100 genes are associated with normal tail development in various vertebrate species. The authors of the new study suggested that tail loss occurs as a result of mutations in one or more of them. To test this, they compared the DNA of apes and apes, as well as humans.

Scientists have discovered that tail loss in human ancestors may be caused by a special genetic insertion called “Aluy” in the TBXT gene. Although Aluy is not a mutation, it causes the gene to be misread. Mice genetically modified with this insertion exhibited various tail defects, including no tail. Additionally, some individuals had neural tube defects. Perhaps similar defects in newborns are connected with this.

Tail loss in a group of primates that includes gorillas, chimpanzees and humans occurred about 25 million years ago, the authors said. Scientists suggest that this feature allowed new species to transition from living in trees to a terrestrial lifestyle.

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Source: Gazeta


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