Confesses to raping a child twice in Lorca and claims he was drunk

At the trial, the person admitted that he did, but make sure it’s “received”. In fact, when dictating judgmentimplements alleviate alcohol disorder in addition to late confessionas determined by the judicial decision that this newspaper has accessed.

As can be understood from the description of the proven facts regarding the sentence, the accused went to a friend’s house in Ciudad del Sol on the day of the events, but was not there. Those at home were this relative’s girlfriend and younger brother. Subject “remained sitting on the sofa in the living room drinking beer and encouraged the young woman to accompany him, he stayed in the little boy’s room”. The excuse: waiting for his friend. When the girl fell asleep, the individual “entered the little boy’s room and asked where and when the bathroom was. she instructed herself, the accused forced her into the room and said ‘don’t say anything to anyone'”.

He then “closed the door, threw the little one on the bed, and began to rob him, despite his resistance.” back then raped her.

When he managed to escape The little boy ran into the living room and asked his brother’s girlfriend for help.. However, the young woman was unconscious and the alleged aggressor called her. touching their breasts and genitals.

“Small, frightened and desperate because she couldn’t leave the house, the defendant locked the door and started calling her and her daughter’s cell phone for help, and when she couldn’t find it, she hid them too because she was the person I was looking for,” the prosecutor continues in his letter. The suspect then approached the little boy in the kitchen, who was looking for a cell phone to call for help, and took him back to the room. rape her again. He then raped the woman.

In particular, he will serve seven and a half years in prison for sexually assaulting a minor; Two more years and six months for what I did to her. Wilson Joshua will have to make AI compensation of 45,000 euros for the child and 15,000 euros for the woman. when i get out of jail will spend five years on probation.

Little took it after being harassed psychological treatment “With this, he was able to acquire new strategies for identifying, expressing and managing the thoughts and emotions caused by the exposed aggression”.

In this sense, “despite initially presenting the typical symptoms of this abuse situation, currently the data from the documentary analysis and the results of the tests show us that the minor did not have any symptoms or psychological symptoms at the time of this assessment, being healed and no sequels“, Details Provincial Court.

Source: Informacion


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