Rosneft introduced its environmental program to the guests of the Russian fair 19:23

Polar Bear Days started in the Rosneft pavilion at the Russia exhibition. The company thus presented one of the areas of its environmental program to the forum guests, Rosneft press service reported.

The opening of the thematic days took place on International Polar Bear Day, which is celebrated annually to draw attention to the conservation of the largest land predator on the planet.

Rosneft noted that the company has long been interested in the preservation and protection of the polar bear population.

The company’s experts study the behavior of animals in the wild together with the country’s leading scientific institutions. In addition, all polar bears in zoos in Russia are under the company’s supervision.

According to Alexey Kulpin, deputy director of the Wildlife Society organization, during the 10 years of implementation of the joint program with Rosneft, 7 enclosure complexes were rebuilt in Russian zoos, and repairs and reconstruction were carried out in all enclosures.

The joint work also includes the rescue of bear cubs who are left motherless in the Arctic for various reasons. Thus, since 2016, with the support of Rosneft, 6 orphaned bear cubs were rescued in the far north.

As Svetlana Prilepina, director of the Yekaterinbug Zoo, explains, not every zoo in Russia, but also in the world, can afford to keep a polar bear. It requires expensive food, veterinary care, and the creation of certain living conditions in large enclosures.

“Rosneft helps the zoo solve all these problems,” Prilepina said.

As part of Polar Bear Day, the broadcast of the award ceremony of the winners of the All-Russian children’s literary contest “Arctic Star – Umka” was shown in the cinema hall of the Rosneft pavilion.

Also, at the Rosneft pavilion, a meeting was held with the audience with Pavel Poluychik, the scriptwriter and director of the documentary film “Master of the Arctic”.

Guests of the Rosneft pavilion will be offered a training program, master classes and exams.

Udmurt Zoo employees will organize lectures and excursions “On the trail of the polar bear”.

Representatives of Rosneft and the country’s scientific institutes will introduce visitors to the exhibition with the flora and fauna of Northern Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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