Etiquette expert explains whether it is possible to talk on the phone on public transport 09:43

According to etiquette, it is possible to talk on the phone in public transport, but personal issues should not be discussed during the conversation. About this “Moscow 24” said Etiquette and communication expert Olga Svezhakova.

In his opinion, such a conversation would put others who would unknowingly overhear it in an awkward situation. If you receive such a call, the expert recommends that you ask the other person to call you later.

“Also, when talking on the phone in a public place, feelings of joy, anger, surprise, etc. You should avoid expressing emotions strongly. The passengers next to you may not care at all. This is an invasion of personal space,” Svezhakova added.

The expert also recommends not setting provocative ringtones to the call and monitoring the volume. survey before showedMore than a third (35%) of Russians say they get angry when they receive business calls outside working hours but still answer them. Another 36% said they welcome business calls in their free time, but only answer them if it’s convenient for them.

Former Etiquette Expert saidIt is important to consider the nuances when setting the table.

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Source: Gazeta


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