Omar Samba (‘OT 2023’): “I hope Spain remains without firefighters, because music is my job”

Everything is over and everything is beginning. Because even though the ‘OT 2023’ competition has ended, the ‘victors’ still have concert tours and are starting their own careers (signing separate albums). For Omar Samba His dream of being in the Academy ended very quickly (he was expelled in the third premiere), but his enthusiasm to show what he couldn’t do in Amazon Prime ‘talent’ is starting to do so. her first single, ‘I have to stop’ It’s a song that tells not the end of his time in ‘OT’ or even the end of his career, but the end of a love story he couldn’t finish. “I wrote this thinking about a person I was in a relationship with. “This was my first love and also my first heartbreak,” she says.

And tell about it emotional block suffering, with whom most people will empathize. “She is someone who takes me a long time to forget and tends to make comparisons when I meet other girls. So it was written to myself: I must stop now, even though I like to think of you, I must stop. I can’t keep going like this because otherwise we’ll never finish. It was already like a cycle. “I was always inclined to write about him and I wanted to write the last song for him anyway,” says the 26-year-old, closing out this emotional phase.

And despite popular belief, this less intense better than his past compositions. “That’s kind of what I wanted to convey, because when I composed music, I always did it with the guitar and created very intense songs. “I always like the lyrics to be sad, but if you add the melancholic music of the little guitar, it becomes more ballad-y, very pastel,” he admits. “I wanted to put a twist on it: Keep the lyrics I love because writing is what I’m best at, but put more emphasis on the music and deliver something that sounds more like me: more joy, more vitality.”, he confesses. Something everyone knew, because he had made it very clear during his time at the Academy, but “he had the feeling that he had more to teach.”

“My influences are diverse and I have a blank book to let in everything that needs to go in. But it calls me so much pop rock, like that, more indie“, he elaborates, without even waking up from his dream of winning a prize. Golden Record with ‘OT’. The former contestant, who has not yet recovered from the endless emotions experienced during the record signings, says, “It is very difficult to achieve this right now, and it was like a dream to have it happen with ‘talent’.” Growing. “It was so crazy. They gave us tons of things, they always wanted to hug us. I feel like I owe them because they do their best for us. “If you’ve spent all night queuing to see us, at least we’ll give you the best version.”

Then the concerts will come. “Suddenly you are living the dream. fill in two WiZink Center and two Palau Sant Jordi! Very heavy! “We’re going to sing in front of 18,000 people!” he admires. Not to mention the other eight cities they will visit with the added tour. He’s still floating from what happened to him with ‘OT’, but his feet are firmly planted on the ground. He knows the music industry isn’t easy and he doesn’t want to romanticize it, but he knows it has two necessary components: passion and ability to work. At home, they instilled in him the culture of effort and he knows that everything has to be earned.

“When I started doing some work since I was 14 or 15, I didn’t stop working and studying. Like my brothers. Since I am now involved in music, I will continue my education. I worked in an ambulance and healthcare workers were constantly retraining as protocols changed. You cannot settle for the same thing in music. Because your voice will improve and so will you. And this is a very positive thing, because it means that you are at a different point from real life,” says this young man from Yunquera de Henares (Guadalajara), with his innate enthusiasm. stand up to firefighter When ‘talent’ crosses your path. “I hope Spain remains without firefighters because music is my job. “There are already very good firefighters,” he admits. Passion, work capacity and charisma will not be lacking.

Source: Informacion


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