Clashes between police and gunmen in Mexico have killed at least twelve people

At least twelve people were killed, including four policemen, in clashes that broke out this Thursday. On a farm in Los Minerales in the municipality of El Salto, Jalisco, in central Mexico.

“A notification has been received to 911 that a truck with heavily armed persons has arrived at the scene and that two allegedly blindfolded, blindfolded and apparently handcuffed persons have been taken to a private home,” El Salto Police Commissioner Adán Domínguez said. Mexican newspaper ‘Milenio’. “When they got to the building, (the cops) attacked with long-range weapons; elements repel aggression and finally, with the greater support of this police station, the National Police, National Guard and Metropolitan Police manage to restore order at the scene,” said Domínguez.

While four police officers, who were hit by a bullet during mutual fire, lost their lives at the scene; Eight of the attackers were killed. Also, the security forces three people were arrested. “At least three people have been arrested and two deprived of their liberty are currently in police custody and receiving necessary medical attention from medical services,” said the Commissioner.

Source: Informacion


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