White House explains how arms supply to Ukraine has changed

US National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby, in a briefing at the White House, said that arms supplies to Ukraine vary depending on the situation at the front. DEA News”.

“As war evolves and evolves, so do their needs and so does our contribution. <...> We work daily with Ukraine on what the capacity gaps are and what their needs are. “That’s because we want to keep it relevant to what’s going on on the battlefield,” he said.

Stinger noted that he moved from the supply of MANPADS and Javelin ATGMs to the supply of artillery systems to the United States and the training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in their use.

John Kirby, former National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator declarationWashington is not supplying Ukraine with more powerful weapons for the sake of increasing hostility.

Journalists reminded Kirby that US President Joe Biden had previously refused to supply Ukraine with such weapons because of the risks of starting a third world war.

Source: Gazeta


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