Tension between Ana Terradillos and Macarena Olona at Telecinco: “You don’t get all the media”

Days after the PP’s victory in the Andalusian elections, Macarena Olona He intervention ‘Ana Rosa program’ to answer your questions Main Terradillos. candidate Vox, who was excluded from the regional administration after the absolute majority of the people, made statements about the statements he claimed. “God’s Daughter” and that he would not know “the designs that lie before us”.

The presenter began by referring to exactly these words in the media: “What plan does God have for you? Do you already know whether to continue in Andalusia or to continue in Madrid?”. “It’s amazing that a statement that is out of context and that is more unintentional has made so many headlines,” the far-right’s deputy replied.

“The first thing I want to do as soon as election night is done, expose myself to the media Olona assured him: “They asked me if I would be a candidate in the next election because I said I was a soldier of Santiago Abascal. I replied ironically that I am the daughter of God first”.

This response caught the attention of Terradillos, who did not hesitate to make an important point: “You say this to all the media, but not to all. We’re not going to get into this discussion, but you know we’re all accepted.. And I will stay there.”

Soon after, the journalist insisted on the question he had asked earlier: “Are you staying in Andalusia or returning to Madrid?” “I used to differentiate between the media and political activists, but I’m happy to talk about it whenever I want, on or off the air.”Olona pointed without answering the question asked.

On the third attempt, he finally got a response from Telecinco, but this only increased the tension: “The truth is, doubts are being raised by journalists who don’t want to read the document directly. There is a corresponding desire to continue the vicious discussions“.

“My resignation is against the act of being a deputy, it continues with the effective date of 14 July (…) In order not to lose this situation, we need to proceed in this way.however, that does not mean that the resignation is by no means irrevocable, because it accepts neither the condition nor the suspension”, it was decided.

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