Extremadura’s bullet train will start circulation on 19 July

After the first test trip of the high-performance train on the High Speed ​​line in Extremadura, it is now clear when it will start running on the Extremaduran tracks: From tomorrow, July 19and until next July 8, 20,000 standard tickets and 10,000 comfort tickets will go on sale for 18 and 22 euros, respectively. The renewed Alvia S-730 model, the new train between Madrid and Badajoz, will offer daily voyages in all directions and will save 51 minutes on the entire journey. A Talgo Intercity will also be circulating on the platform.

At 9:40 am this Thursday, the convoy left Plasencia in the direction of Badajoz and in it. Raquel Sánchez, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, and Chairman of the Executive Board of Extremaduran traveled Guillermo Fernandez Vara’s photo. Stopping in Cáceres and Mérida, the train reached the capital city of Badajoz at 11:54. Alvia S-730 during the tour reached 180 kilometers per hourthe maximum speed it can reach at the moment, as the road cannot reach 250 km / h until electrified.

It should be noted that the new high-speed train will be finished only in the Badajoz-Plasencia section. From the capital of Jerte to Atocha station (Madrid), there are still pending jobs and projects. Once this has been clarified, commissioning of this first phase of the line, albeit without a catenary, Save 51 minutes traveling between Badajoz and Madrid; 44 between Monfragüe and Badajoz; 25 between Badajoz and Cáceres and 20 between Cáceres and Mérida.

Arriving at the Badajoz train station, the minister said: The electrification of the section between Plasencia and Badajoz will be completed in the first half of next year. He stressed that progress will be made in the new informative work on the link between Talayuela and Plasencia, as well as the link between Oropesa and Madrid, with regard to the commissioning of other stages up to Madrid. submitted for environmental assessment this summer.

“This Government has committed to reaching Extremadura at high speed from day one. It was an injustice that the Extremadurans of the 21st century have served since 1890″Sanchez explained. In this sense, he reminded that the Ministry has invested 70 million in the traditional Extremaduran network in the last three years, “before reaching the government, this figure barely exceeded six million”.

Transform the reality of Extremadura

Vara emphasized for herself: new rail links will accelerate the industrialization process This is where Extremadura dives, as freight trains will travel along lines that will connect to the main ports of the Iberian Peninsula. “What will change our reality is that freight trains can travel along the same lines. Those who connect those who will be the most important part of our future” said.

The decision to launch a train that adapts the tracks, not only for passengers but also for goods, “Does not allow you to travel at 350 kilometers per hour”. “To go at a slightly slower speed you have to do this along the route and today we were able to see how you can get from Mérida to Badajoz in 20 minutes on a top quality train,” he said.

In this direction, the regional president thanked the Spanish Government, Adif and Renfe for this “first important step” with an investment of over 1,200 million Euros, “We won’t give up our efforts until we see the whole route come true We have fulfilled all our wishes, hopes and expectations.” In a reflection on taxes, he argued, “they also apply to doing this sort of thing.”

The Regional Executive Chairman thanked the work carried out by the Extremadura Railway Pact. make the train something that is not subject to debate and political criticismis something that no one has merit, because it was everyone’s merit”. He also wanted to leave a memento for anyone claiming to be a good train to the Madrid and Cáceres shows.

Source: Informacion


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