‘Madrid, one of three million’ starring Jota Abril and produced by Roberto Leal, premiered on Telemadrid.

telemadrid confirmed the premiere date for one of their new shows. The chain is coming on Monday, June 27th at 23:00 ‘Madrid, one of three million’ by Jota Abril. Format focused on prominent people who find their usual place of residence in the capital: produced by Robert Sadik.

In the new issue of Madrid’s public television, April will interview different artists who have decided to settle down Madrid to remember how they started in the city. The person in charge of the season opener will be Carlos Latre next Monday. The comedian and impersonator, born in Castellón de la Plana, will recount his early years in the city.

In subsequent deliveries, Venezuelan Boris Izaguirre; Concha Velasco from Valladolid; Pepe Domingo Castaño of Padrón; Cuban Fofito and Andalusians Karina, Antonio Carmona and Roberto Leal himself will chat with Andalusian Jota about his particular situation when he starts in Madrid.

Jota Abril acknowledged her enthusiasm for leading the format as she stayed in the capital without being there: “Since 1993, that is, since I got here at the age of 17, it’s one in three million,” she admits.

The Sevillian journalist is proud of her project as producer: “Our guests feel very comfortable because somehow, recreating one of the most important trips of their lives. The nerves to leave their home or the uncertainty of what they will find in the capital,” he admits.

Source: Informacion


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