First assignments of Manzanares at These Bonfires

The poster announced for this afternoon is the first of three combinations with the largest packaging prepared by the Eventos Mare Nostrum company for this year’s show.

first performance José Maria Manzanares In the Plaza de España arena it would already be a sufficient argument to add consistency to any shortlist. Without being at its sweetest moments, it continues to earn the trust of its fans and will definitely be the two busiest box office hits in the entire fogueril cycle, both today and tomorrow.

Adding to this indisputable argument is the existence of two very different bullfighters. The list opens with David Fandila El Fandi, a bullfighter beloved by Alicante fans, who has attended almost every fair in the last two decades. He’s a very complete fighter, especially in the first two-thirds and especially in banderillas. It adds a lot of originality to some unrivaled physical qualities with windmills and has turned them into classic doubles like the moviola or the violin.

Today’s bulls belong to the Victoriano del Río farm. | BEAMS J. VILLAR

Peruvian Andrés Roca Rey rounds out the list. The right-handed man from Lima continues to arouse the greatest interest and is one of the judges of the bullfighters ranking. While not particularly lucky in Alicante, its successes in the most important squares make it one of the main dishes of all reputable fairs. He is the last bullfighter to be called to command the party, and he has enough capacity to fight the center that other outstanding swords have unquestionably had. Bullfighting is mainly characterized by the command and submission it imposes on cattle, which it takes by lot.

The bulls to be beaten will carry the anchor of Victoriano del Río, a favorite of bullfighting figures and often synonymous with victory. Its origin is pure Domecq, which has gone through different paths. Many of the last great gates in the Las Ventas arena had these iron horns as necessary collaborators.

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