Jorge Javier against Almeida and Ayuso for the LGTBI Pride flag: “They have to rule for everyone”

Jorge Javier Vazquez He never hesitates to express his opinion on certain current issues. This Wednesday afternoon, the host of ‘Sálvame’ put a point in the synopsis of the program to initiate a critique of Madrid City Council. For refusing to hang the LGBTI Pride flag.

“It’s the same story whenever pride comes. The flag is yes, the flag is no. Let’s see…” the presenter began to speak: put the focus below Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida and Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

“A mayor and a president are a must have for everyone living in the Community. It is managed absolutely for everyone, also for the LGTBI collective.” said Jorge Javier: “What would it cost, other than respect, to place the Flag of Honor on City Hall and the Congregation to commemorate the right and freedom that so many people are fighting for?”.

“It costs us absolutely nothing,” said the owner of the place next to his director, David Valldeperassupported his speech: “It costs nothing, open it and that’s it”.

Jorge Javier insisted on Pride LGBTI This is a “week of rights and struggle”stressing the need to “keep fighting for things like this”. “Placing the flag would be almost a heroic act and it doesn’t have to be. I request that the flag of the LGTBI collective be placed,” he said.

Source: Informacion


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