‘El Hormiguero’ surreal call to an audience: ‘I’ll have to get my husband out of the cemetery’

anthill‘ had one of her most tense and surreal moments While trying to give his 6,000 Euro Openbank card. The program dialed a random number, as it did every time it tried to hand over the card, but one of the viewers who received the call made unexpected remarks.

When the woman picked up the phone, Omar Montes asked her to open Antena 3: “We’re going to give her a little gift right now… going on vacation with her husband” the singer innocently told him. What neither he nor Pablo Motos knew was the situation in which she found herself.

“With my husband? No, because if I have to go with him, I’ll have to get him out of the cemetery.”answered the lady. At that moment, Motos tried to hide his laughter as he asked her not to hang up.

“Do not separate people from family. You only go to the person, for this lady there should be 6,000 euros”, the server asked the guest. However, the woman preferred to hang up the phone, losing the money she earned. Although they tried to distribute the money with a few calls, the efforts were in vain and no one took the card.

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